Friday, August 29, 2008

I'm just gonna go ahead and put any worries of posting "too much of my own work" aside and post away here....I've been playing around quite a bit these past several weeks and am jonesin for some feedback!

In it's previous incarnation:


SIDE NOTE: The paintings are just a piling up in my cramped little studio left & right.....Which means good news for you! I'm selling off a selection of paintings for $200 and under in order to make room for the new. Email me for a list!


Andrew DeGraff said...

I like that the figures are more entwined in their environment. These read as nestled into a cozy space instead of a field of . . . mood? I think the space actually feels bigger with the little bit more implied scale that you have in these. I guess these new ones just seem a little more realistic than symbolic than your other work.

the colors in the top one are CRAZY! That's a palatte I've never seen you use. the mood is .. .. sadly manic? I dig it, but I cant really describe why. It's a jail of flowers . . .

ILANA KOHN said...

thank ya drew! the feedback helps a lot. as for the palette of the bottom one, frank asked me the other day why in the world i never use i used it...and i think i'll be using it more!