Friday, February 6, 2009

My favorite internet turkey shoot of the day

Rob Liefeld taken to task for his various crimes against humanity, such as the drawing above. I read most of these comics in the nineties, and remember being perplexed at the time. This site kind layed it all out it for me: the strange proportions, tiny feet, shameless underdrawing, . . . And it's pretty damn funny.


jashar said...

you were "perplexed at the time"? you mean "you thought they were wicked awesome at the time"- right? admit it. we all did.

Andrew DeGraff said...

Well, I bought the comics. We all did. We made him what he is, and there's no denying we all created a monster. I say "perplexed" because 1 - Im ashamed, 2 - Im still confused and I feel like a molested altar boy. Rob Liefeld stole my innocence.