Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Les Éphémères

"Les Éphémères," The New Yorker, June 22, 2009
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"Les Éphémères" is one of the plays being performed at this year's Lincoln Center Festival.

From the press release:
Over six hours long, in two parts which may be seen separately or on the same day, Les Éphémères is a departure from [Le Théâtre du Soleil’s] traditional focus on socio-political or historical themes. In the words of the director [Ariane Mnouchkine], it is an “an examination of everyday life through the prism of the family, especially, the mother. Out of the ordinariness emerges an abyss of complexity, suffering, the questions we never asked our parents...the ephemeral character of what we are.”
Watch filmed scenes from the play here.


andrew degraff said...
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Andrew DeGraff said...

That's a really nice play image. I never really thought about that the way to make an image look like a stage is to totally black out the background. . . Im gonna have to rip that off you . . .

jashar said...

thanks, drew!