Monday, March 15, 2010


Our Kiersten Essenpreis has been a a busy little bee. Along with getting her Etsy site up stocked with a bunch of great new drawings, she's been collaborating with her betrothed, industrial designer Wes Cox on THERSIC, which continues to develop into one of my favorite blogs on the internet. They share a great aesthetic that's somewhere between American-industrial neo-classicism and a dystopian-pop-circus fusion. They've also kept up a pretty rigorous posting regime, so if you haven't checked it out, there's a boat load of great posts.


kiersten essenpreis said...

hey thanks drew! btw, when do i get to see you and your woman??

Andrew DeGraff said...

Soon! The sun is coming back, and I believe outdoor frolicking time is upon us . . . Also, outdoor frolicking time with meats?

Andrew DeGraff said...

That sounded gross - Im talking about cooking out. Those of you hoping I was talking about my famous pastrami dance parties will have to take it up with the Health Department.