Thursday, July 8, 2010

No, it's Captain Crazy4Cult!

Kiersten and I are part for the Crazy4Cult show opening On Friday, the 9th in LA at Gallery1988. I took on my beloved Goonies. Watching Goonies over and over again for work? No problem. Just made me miss my after school fruit roll-ups and the smell college ruled loose leaf paper. For the show I did a 22"x22" map of the underground part of the movie and 12 of the costume portraits like the ones pictured above including Mikey, Chunk, Data, Brand, Mouth, Andy, Francis Fratelli, Jake Fratteli, and of course, Willy. If you happen to be left-coasting it, check it out!


jashar said...

I love the likenesses without the likeness!

Andrew DeGraff said...

Thanks, man! My favorite? Stef. When will maroon sweatshirts, pink chunks, and sweatpant come back again?