Saturday, April 5, 2008

Good Life

To celebrate the release of his new newsprint comic, Good Life, Taylor McKimens will be signing at the PictureBox Departmental Store.

Taylor McKimens
PictureBox Departmental Store
April 6th, 3-5 pm

To PictureBox:

121 3rd St.
Brooklyn NY 11231

(entrance is on Bond st.)
F or G train to Carroll St.
Exit at Smith and 2nd place.
Walk down 3rd St. to Bond.


Francis Vallejo said...

what a great find of a blog!! top notch work guys!!! i'll be back for seconds thank you very much..haha

Oliver Dominguez said...

Francis Vallejo gave me the heads up about this blog. Let me tell you, this is a great blog you guys have! I'll be back for more!



ILANA KOHN said...

thanks guys! promise we'll try and keep in interesting....

Elspeth said...

I love this composition, the color and style is FABBO!