Thursday, June 19, 2008

James Gurney's instructional blog

I stumbled onto this blog a few days ago.

James Gurney is the mega-successful illustrator creator of the Dinotopia books.

His blog is mostly instructional in nature, somewhat informative, kind of off-the-wall and often updated.

I read this post today about how to draw apes from life and the solution he came up with was just brilliant:

The gorilla loved it. He had never seen a human act like a polite ape before. He came right up to the glass and posed for me while I did this half-hour portrait from just two feet away.

click here to see the whole article.



ILANA KOHN said...

that is the funniest thing ever! said...

I loved Dinotopia! I used to write everything in that language/code they always used.