Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Pie makes me sleepy..

hi everyone, thanks for the invite! such good stuff on here!

these are some sketches and the finish for Paper Magazine's October backpage, out in a couple of days. this has been a DREAM job so far.. the editor literally lets me do whatever i want (that seriously never happens to me). basically i was asked to send her sketches each month, she decides which one she likes and then i do the finish. the only requirement being that my 'characters' be wearing designer clothing. hilarious, since im clueless when it comes to the fashion world, but im slowly learning a thing or two..


ILANA KOHN said...

wowza!! that is beautiful!!! gettin me a copy of paper next month!!

Andrew DeGraff said...

Hmm. Funny I didn't get the call for that after making a splash this summer with my paint dabbled jean cutoffs, 8th grade summer basketball camp tee, and authentic dirt toned white chucks with holes and rancid donkey stench. I should have topped it off with my sweat caked PBR hat and trout fishing creel which doubles as a slightly fishy smelling clutch. Maybe sweatpants under the shorts?

I like that saturated dark blue/violet with the white of the chair pattern and red of the pie slices. Makes the chair pattern vibrate with the harsh contrast.

kiersten said...

dont worry drew, you are MY personal fashion inspiration.

im still waiting for your Spring/Summer '09 collection!

jashar said...

i really like that first sketch with the bandages- any chance that will appear in flashe someday?