Monday, November 10, 2008

The Wettest County in the World

"The Wettest County in the World," The New York Times Book Review, November 9, 2008
Matt Bondurant’s second novel is inspired by his family's bootlegging past. Nicholas Blechman was nice enough to let me choose which sketch to develop into the final illustration. As much as I enjoyed drawing the still and other moonshine paraphernalia, I decided to go with the more dramatic scene mentioned in Lousia Thomas' review.

(Don't worry- he survives his wound by trekking 12 miles to the nearest hospital!)


ILANA KOHN said...

it was so awesome to see this in the paper this weekend! and i like both pieces. i'm glad you chose to develop the one you did, though i really do enjoy the other one in b&w!

Phillip Fivel Nessen said...

Thats great.

jashar said...

thanks, guys!