Monday, February 15, 2010


I drew this portrait of Ernest Shackleton, Arctic explorer. Not sure if I will keep the colors just yet.


Andrew DeGraff said...

I really like what your doing with these pieces. There's still the strong Glaser influence but it's really turning into something new. Plus I love the subject matter on this one. Im totally turning into a polar exploration geek, and Shackleton was the king. (You should read The Worst Journey In The World about Scott's expedition to the Pole. Great book.)

Phillip Fivel Nessen said...

Thanks for noticing. I am definitely trying to add a splash of new elements to the mix - so it isn't lifted pure and simple from another decade.

I know Shackleton was on a Scott expedition, right? Scott died after reaching the South Pole right?

When they write a book about my life, it will also be called "The Worst Journey In the World"

Andrew DeGraff said...

Scott went to Antarctica with Shackleton once - Scott wasn't on the Endurance trip, though. They had some sort of dispute at some point while they were both making bids for the pole.