Thursday, May 19, 2011

Ronnie + Excitebike - 80's Bonanza!

"Endangerous", 22" x 28", Gouache on BFK
Thought I'd post another piece from the "History of the World" I just got around to tiling together from the scans.  Thank god Pratt has those big scanners and I had Matt Maher helping me out.  On a side note of self horn-tooting, Owen and I got nice write up in the Albany Times Union about the show!

Plus on a side note, here's a preview of part of my submission for the iam8bit Show out in LA.  I chose Excitebike - which for some reason was the most nerve wracking game I've ever played.  I just remember trying to push down on the gas so had my thumbs would be sweating and cramping.  What's more fun than that I ask you?!


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